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Melides is a traditional Alentejo village in Portugal with white houses and calm streets,
but also alive and full of history, well worth a visit.

Melides' Beaches & Lagoon

Melides' Lagoon

Next to the beach with the same name, Melides Lagoon extends inwardly through various kilometers of rice fields and has the north a sandstone cliff. Since 2010 is in the process of classification as Protected Area of Interest Place. This is a good place to observe, ducks, birds of prey and waders.

The lagoon can be visited along both banks, and the south bank is served by a paved road and to the north by a dirt road, but passable for any vehicle.


Melides Beach is composed of the long stretch of sand that separates the sea and Melides Lagoon. Both access by road and the car parking are of good standard and this beach can be enjoyed with the back up of a full range of support infrastructures, including a volleyball net, for example.

It is considered the beach with the largest extension of the country. Well known for surfing and bodyboarding practitioners, the beach is also sought by paragliders who find in Vigia (an escarpment with more than five meters) the best spot to launch on nice pure contemplation flights. Near the beach you will find bars and restaurants where you can safely enjoy good fish dishes while watching the most amazing sunset.

The 4 kilometre road that leads to the beach, running past pine trees and rice paddies, connects with Melides.

Melides lagoon Melides Beach

Alentejo' Countryside & Nature


Between a living and authentic rural culture and a surprisingly wild coastline, Alentejo proposes a unique experience of these two worlds. Its superb cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make this a tourist paradise of the highest quality.

Rota Vicentina

Comprising the Historical Way the Fishermen’s Trail and several Circular Routes, Rota Vicentina is the result of a careful selection of rural and coastal paths, so that one can fully enjoy this pristinely preserved coastal area, as far as scenery, natural and environmental values, culture and traditions are concerned.

Wine, Cuisine and Culture

A wine producing region with a long tradition, the Alentejo boasts wines that will surprise you for their excellence, aromas and colours as unique as the landscape. And if you add the delicious Alentejo cheeses and the fragrant flavours of the Alentejo cuisine to the wines, your visit will surely be richer and more complete.

Melides' Village & History

Melides' Village

Casinha da Aldeia is situated in the heart of Melides village. Melides is a traditional Alentejo village with white houses and calm streets, but also alive and full of history, well worth a visit.

It offers you everything you need, from supermarkets, pharmacies, health center, banks, restaurants to stores and pastry shops.

The tourist office is just nearby, located in the village center, in the old building of grinding, and offers a representative exhibition and sale of crafts and local produce.


The first known data about the past Melides date back to the sixteenth century. The village of Melides must have arisen as a small cluster of fishermen / farmers gradually have concentrated their homes before scattered.

But Melides abound archaeological remains of various historical periods:

The following visits are also recommended:

  • Ancient urban center of the village, where we observe some properties of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, with bay windows and wrought iron balconies;
  • Ruins of Santa Marina church (late fifteenth century - beginning of the XVI.), Which are still visible buttresses of unusual size;
  • Church of St. Peter (secs XVII - XVIII.) That retains elements of interest as the ceiling vault of the chancel, a toilet in stone, in the sacristy, bearing the cross of the Order of Santiago and imaginary coeval;
  • Master's Chico Pottery, being noteworthy the furnace typically Roman characteristics;
  • Molinológico set Boavista (windmills), where you can enjoy a vast landscape;
  • Eye fountain with picnic area. This is a copious spring that supplies water to the village and part of the parish, and its very pleasant surroundings.
Melides Tourist Office Melides Church Casas Velhas

Melides' Activities & Useful links

Melides Fair Horse rides

Melides Fair

Shows, crafts and typical regional sweets such as "Alcomonias" and "Candy Pinion" are some of the attractions of the Melides Fair, which usually occurs in November.

Here you can know more about the Melides Fair.

Other events

Here you can browse more events in the region.

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